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Never look down upon the small that you have in hand. Many people do not appreciate what they have in hand, until they loss it.   The small you have is big for someone elsewhere. That same person is having sleepless night in prayers and a whole day in hard labour with sweat just to achieve what you have and thinking it is too small for you, exchange it for none.     You the person reading, turn your back, you will realise that you are million step ahead of someone who was even born before you. And also to see someone you where also born after. You will realise that the world is not been fair.  Never loss hope in anything you do, and you shall achieve it.   Don’t expect much from others, and you shall be gotten.   The world doesn’t  stay at one place, it always turn other way round. One day it shall be your turn.               So stay blessed and always think positive 

By Hassan Iddrisu. 

Self motivational poem. By Hassan Iddrisu.

The master brewer is not the stars or the gods. He is you, your veryself. The final brewer has no choice. It must be bitter, bile or sweet honey. But you have to choose the magic portion, which vouchsafe the taste. Your intention, your memory, your reaction   

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